TEMA, The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats

The Earth is Our Home

Our project, which started in 2018 in cooperation with IKEA and the Ministry of National Education, aims to help primary school children think about the concept of sustainability and raise awareness about saving behaviors they can do at home. Our project includes educational activities for primary school children, children's events at IKEA stores, and an entertaining digital game to reach more children. In the project implemented in 30 provinces, we reached more than 17,200 children with educational activities and store events, and more than 360,000 people with the digital game.

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May Our Pistachios Be Plentiful

Our project, which started in 2011 in cooperation with Damak Chocolate, will continue until 2023. Within the scope of our project, which started with the aim of ensuring sustainable management of pistachio orchards in the Barak Plain and increasing regional productivity, we aim to expand the experience gained in 8 years in the 5-year period covering 2019-2023. Within the scope of the project, which includes many different activities ranging from good agricultural practices trainings given to producers, garden practices, yield analyzes, vaccinator and pruner trainings, we also provide training to primary school children in schools in the project region in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education. With this training, we aim to raise awareness among children to make pistachio agriculture sustainable.

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Zero Waste

The project, which started as a pilot project in 2018 in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and the Ministry of National Education, and has been implemented with the support of Tetra Pak Turkey since 2019, aims to introduce the concept of zero waste to children with the 5D model, and to raise awareness among children on how to reduce waste in their daily lives, how to consume less and how to utilize waste in different ways. With the board game specially designed for the project, it is ensured that children at preschool and primary school level reinforce the concept of zero waste by having fun. The "Zero Waste Education Portal", developed within the scope of the Zero Waste Education Project and accessible at www.sifiratiktema.org, offers rich educational content and materials including presentations, posters, worksheets, project proposals, digital games and animated films to teachers in 81 provinces for all levels of education.

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For the Earth in Every Brew

The "For the Earth in Every Brew" Project was launched in Rize in 2016 in cooperation with our foundation and Doğuş Çay in order to protect soil health, which forms the basis of sustainable tea agriculture. In order to bring a solution to the issue of soil degradation and excessive acidification of the soil caused by chemical fertilizers, which is the biggest obstacle to the sustainable production of tea in Turkey, an awareness program is carried out for producers and regional stakeholders about the damage caused by chemical fertilizers to the soil. Information activities for public institutions and all relevant stakeholders in the region provide training to tea producers in Rize and people from different segments of society such as teachers, clergymen, mukhtars, women and students who make up their social circles.

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Water Fellowship

Our project, which started in 2021 in cooperation with Wilo and the Ministry of National Education, aims to raise awareness among children, young people and adults about the importance of water for life and the water ecosystem. In our 3-year project, we reach children at primary school level with educational activities. At the end of the project, we aim to reach 6 thousand children in 30 provinces with educational activities. On the infographic-based website www.sutema.org, which was renewed and disseminated within the scope of the project, we aim to raise awareness among wider audiences on water assets, water cycle, water ecosystems, water use in Turkey and the world, water threats, sustainable management of water and water literacy with 46 infographics in 8 sections.

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Exploring Nature

Our project, which started in 2021 in cooperation with Avcılar Municipality and Avcılar District Directorate of National Education, aims to enable children and young people studying at all levels in Avcılar district to observe and discover the nature in their immediate surroundings. Within the scope of our project, we reached approximately 30,000 children in 1,041 classes at pre-school and primary school level with the educational activities held in Avcılar district in the spring of 2022. We aim to reach children at secondary and high school levels in 2023 with the educational activities of our project, which was developed with the aim of enabling children and young people in Avcılar district to notice nature starting from their immediate surroundings and rediscover it with a sense of curiosity, connect with nature, make observations, develop awareness about biodiversity and ultimately increase their ecological literacy skills.

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