TEMA, The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats

What Do Site Volunteers Do?

These are volunteers who take an active role in Site activities carried out under the leadership of TEMA Provincial Representatives, District - Neighborhood Officers and Young TEMA Presidents at provincial, district, neighborhood and university levels.

Education Volunteers: These are the volunteers who take part in the team of the Provincial Representative and District - Neighborhood Officer and support the activities in the Site of education. Education volunteers are divided into two categories.

Teacher Volunteers: Teachers who implement our Education Programs (Mini TEMA, Junior TEMA, Middle School TEMA and High School TEMA) in their classrooms. If you would like to become a Teacher Volunteer, you can get information about our education programs implemented in 81 provinces of Turkey from our nearest representative office and participate in our programs with your students. You can ensure that your students meet TEMA Foundation, strengthen their ties with nature and become TEMA Volunteers.

Trainer Volunteers: These are volunteers who deliver our Foundation's promotional and educational presentations to schools and institutions that request them, and preferably have or are currently studying in the Site of education. By joining the Trainer Volunteer teams, you can make presentations introducing TEMA Foundation and drawing attention to the danger of erosion and desertification in schools, institutions and organizations.

Event Volunteers: These are volunteers who participate in and support events throughout the year. You can participate in the activities within the scope of the annual activity program prepared to raise social awareness on the protection of our natural assets and support the realization of the activities. You can support promotional organizations and stands.

Advocacy and Campaign Volunteers: These are volunteers who take part in advocacy activities and campaigns carried out to protect our natural assets.

Mini TEMA, Junior TEMA, Middle School TEMA and High School TEMA Volunteers: Pre-school, primary, middle and high school student volunteers who volunteer with school groups or individually. Within the scope of Site Activity Program or Training Programs; they carry out voluntary activities on sapling planting, afforestation, water, recycling, energy saving, climate change, protection of natural assets and awareness raising, promotion of TEMA Foundation, etc.

For information and application: gonullu@tema.org.tr | 0212 291 90 90 - 1182

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