TEMA, The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats

How Can I Donate via Wire Transfer / EFT?

If you would like to donate via wire transfer / EFT, you can use our account numbers below.

We kindly ask you to complete your transactions through our online donation forms so that we can contact you for promotion, thanks, information and announcements regarding our work.

Thank you in advance for your support to TEMA Foundation.

Bank NameIBANRecipientAccount NameBranch Name and CodeAccount No
İş Bankası TR290006400000110350804352 TEMA Vakfı Genel Bağış Levent 1035 804352
İş Bankası TR530006400000110350822350 TEMA Vakfı Fidan Levent 1035 822350
İş Bankası TR330006400000110351317022 TEMA Vakfı Eğitim Levent 1035 1317022
İş Bankası TR830006400000110351292066 TEMA Vakfı Çelenk Levent 1035 1292066
İş Bankası TR900006400000110351598072 TEMA Vakfı Adım Adım Levent 1035 1598072
In order to avoid any charges when depositing cash donations to our İş Bank accounts by hand through the branch channel, you can indicate to the teller that you would like to make a donation to TEMA Foundation using the 'NAR' donation screens and share the "Account Name" in the table above with the teller.

If you would like to donate to TEMA Foundation from abroad, you can use our account information below.

Bank NameIBANCurrency TypeSWIFTBranch Name and CodeAccount No
İş Bankası TR230006400000210351002820 CHF ISBKTRIS Levent 1035 1002820
İş Bankası TR700006400000210351009831 EURO ISBKTRIS Levent 1035 1009831
İş Bankası TR560006400000210351318931 USD ISBKTRIS Levent 1035 1318931

Within the scope of Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, you can access TEMA Foundation's "Information, Clarification and Undertaking Text on the Protection of Personal Data" here.