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There Is No Planet B!

It is now recognized by the world's most prestigious institutions and scientists that climate change is the biggest common problem that humanity has ever faced. As of today, climate change is defined as a climate crisis due to the speed of change and the urgency of the measures to be taken against this change.


TEMA Foundation advocates that climate change must be stopped before it reaches an irreversible point and before the world loses the conditions on which we built our civilizations. To this end, TEMA Foundation develops policies on climate change and shares them with decision makers. As the first NGO from Turkey to be accredited as an observer to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), it closely follows international processes and works with other NGOs to influence these processes. It plays an active role in civil society networks such as EEB (European Environmental Bureau) and CAN-E (Climate Action Network Europe) that produce common policies and work on climate change. Through these networks, it also fulfills its global responsibility on climate change by influencing international policy-making processes. 

In addition to its international experience, TEMA Foundation also carries out capacity building and awareness raising projects on climate change in Turkey. Sharing its international experience with other stakeholders in Turkey, the Foundation works to ensure that Turkey fulfills its responsibilities on climate change. While working to raise awareness to combat climate change, the Foundation also closely monitors investments and government policies that cause climate change. TEMA Foundation continues to work for Turkey to set an absolute greenhouse gas reduction target and to determine the right strategies for combating and adapting to climate change through participatory methods. 

TEMA Foundation emphasizes the importance of combating climate change not only at the national and international level but also at the local government level. Accordingly, TEMA Foundation supports participatory and holistic Climate Action Plans, works to increase the capacities of its representatives regarding climate action plans and to make demands from local governments in this direction. 

One of the activities carried out by the Foundation in this context is the Climate Ambassadors Project. Within the scope of the project, efforts were made to increase the capacity of TEMA Foundation volunteers on climate change, to advocate for volunteers as "climate ambassadors" in their cities, to improve dialogue with decision-makers and to publish news on climate in local and national media. Another climate-specific project is the Women Leaders for Climate Project, which aims to support our women volunteers to engage in climate advocacy locally, and to carry out awareness-raising activities for a low-carbon and climate-resilient society.


Within the scope of the Env.net project, of which TEMA Foundation is a component, which aims to establish an effective environmental network for Turkey and the Western Balkans and to activate the environmental portfolio, we continue to work on raising awareness on climate change and public participation in decision-making processes related to climate change. In this context, activities for the preparation of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality's climate action plan are being carried out with the support of TEMA Foundation. 

In addition to all these, visits, participation in meetings and face-to-face meetings are organized to contribute to the climate legislation studies of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the preparations for the national climate change strategy.

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