TEMA, The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats

Maximum TEMA Card

One of the most successful examples of cooperation between the private sector and non-governmental organizations, the Maximum TEMA Card project has been ongoing since 2010. İşbank supports the TEMA Foundation with purchases made with the Maximum TEMA Card. With the Maximum TEMA Corporate Credit Card, funds are also transferred to our foundation through İşbank from the expenditures made by corporations.  

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MaxiPara Card

MaxiPara Card, which was launched in cooperation with İşbank and made available only as a digital card with the aim of contributing to nature, provides the opportunity to spend as much as the amount loaded on the card with its prepaid structure. In the purchases made by MaxiPara Card users, İşbank supports TEMA Foundation's activities to protect all natural assets, especially soil.

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Every Child is a Sapling

As part of the "Every Child is a Sapling" project, Kahve Dünyası sells kraft bags in all its stores across Turkey and contributes to the nature education programs that our foundation provides in schools to raise generations that love, understand and protect nature. Aiming to contribute to a sustainable future and natural life, Kahve Dünyası collaborated with our foundation to realize the "Green Thermos" project. Within the scope of the project, a memorial forest was created in Çanakkale-Gürece.

T-shirts Turn into Saplings

T-shirts turn into saplings in collaboration with KAFT. Following the Planterra t-shirt design project we realized with KAFT in 2020, 3 new designs on the human-nature relationship were prepared to be donated to TEMA Foundation. During the preparation of the designs, we said, "As if returning from a long vacation, deer, trees, birds and all the creatures whose lives we intervened in. The deed of the house was ours, but the planet belonged to them. 

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Forest for the Future

With the Forest for the Future project realized in cooperation with İşbank, bank customers earn carbon points by choosing environmentally friendly banking transactions and daily activities that reduce their carbon footprint through İşCep application. When the points earned reach a certain amount, İşbank plants 1 sapling on behalf of its customers through TEMA Foundation.

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PPS for My Child

Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik donates a portion of its income from the "Private Pension Plan for My Child" to the TEMA Foundation and contributes to the Foundation's nature education efforts to strengthen the ecological literacy skills of children and youth at the middle and high school levels.

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Many Steps, Many Trees, A Cause for Good

Steps turn into donations in cooperation with Help Steps. Since 2021, you can donate your steps to TEMA Foundation through Help Steps, the first health and common sense application that turns steps into goodness, and support the donations to turn into saplings.  

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