TEMA, The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats

What Do Support Volunteers Do?

Resource Development Volunteers: These are volunteers who work on local fundraising and develop new strategies to realize TEMA Foundation's activities. They encourage people or organizations around them to sponsor TEMA Foundation activities and direct those interested to TEMA Foundation.

Communication and Social Media Volunteers: Volunteers who provide the support needed in the fields of communication and social media. They ensure that the people around them are aware of and follow TEMA Foundation's activities by becoming followers of the Foundation on social media so that TEMA Foundation's activities can be shared through social media and reach more people.

Office Volunteers: These are volunteers who reside in Istanbul and come to TEMA Foundation's Headquarters in Pangaltı to help with the administrative and office activities of the Foundation. In the provinces where we have representative offices, they take part in office activities for events and special projects, participate in research and development activities, prepare presentations and reports, and support all other administrative and office activities.

Graduate TEMA Volunteers: These are volunteers who actively volunteered in Young TEMA Communities for at least one semester during their university years and continue their volunteer work after graduation. Graduate TEMA volunteers join the Graduate TEMA Volunteers in their provinces and districts and take an active role in many activities such as promotion, volunteering, organizing, training, afforestation and advocacy activities.

Consultants: These are volunteers who take part in volunteer teams in line with their areas of expertise and provide opinions and consultancy support for the work of the Foundation.

Project Volunteers: Volunteers who support special projects within a specific period and job description.

In line with your skills (translation, programming support, etc.), you can also support the Foundation's work online without coming to the office.

For information and application: gonullu@tema.org.tr | 0212 291 90 90 - 1182

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