TEMA, The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats

What Do Organizing Volunteers Do?

TEMA Foundation's organizing volunteers are the volunteers who carry out many activities including promotion, volunteering, organizing, education, afforestation, advocacy, local communication and cooperation activities and represent our Foundation in their provinces, districts, neighborhoods and universities.

By joining the TEMA Foundation organization in your province, district, neighborhood or university, you can voluntarily lead TEMA Foundation activities in your location and apply to represent our Foundation in places where we do not have an organization.

Provincial Representatives: Volunteers who are responsible for carrying out the activities of our Foundation throughout the province and represent our Foundation in their province.

District - Neighborhood Officers: Volunteers who are responsible for carrying out the activities of our Foundation in their districts and neighborhoods.

Young TEMA Presidents: Young TEMA is the volunteer organization of our Foundation consisting of university students who carry out their activities as clubs and student communities.

Graduate TEMA Representatives: Young TEMAs who have been active in Young TEMA Communities for at least one semester during their university years can continue their volunteering as Graduate TEMA Representatives after graduation. Graduate TEMA Representatives are volunteers who lead Graduate TEMA volunteers in provinces or districts.

Assistants: They support the Provincial Representative, District - Neighborhood Officer or Young TEMA President in the activities of our Foundation.

For information and application: gonullu@tema.org.tr | 0212 291 90 90 - 1182

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