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Climate Change
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UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon defines climate change as “the greatest collective challenge we face as a human family” and we’re already beginning to see disastrous impacts on people and places all over the world.

Glaciers everywhere are melting and disappearing fast—and they are a source of drinking water for hundreds of millions of people. Mosquitoes, who like a warmer world, are spreading into lots of new places, and bringing malaria and dengue fever with them. Drought is becoming much more common, making food harder to grow in many places. Sea levels have begun to rise, and scientists warn that they could go up as much as several meters this century. If that happens, many of the world's cities, island nations, and farmland will be underwater. The oceans are growing more acidic because of the CO2 they are absorbing, which makes it harder for animals like corals and clams to build and maintain their shells and skeletons. So, we see daily change of our planet and as TEMA, we believe that we must act urgently in order to avoid the irreversible impacts of climate change and continue our lives under the conditions which civilization developed.

In this regard, TEMA is developing climate change policies and proposing the solutions to decision- makers. Being the first environmental non-governmental organization in Turkey accredited as observer to UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), TEMA is following the international climate negotiation process through NGO network memberships like EEB (European Environmental Bureau) and CAN-E (Climate Action Network Europe). TEMA is also active in Turkey on climate change policy and awareness raising levels. The climate experience accumulated has made TEMA an accepted actor in climate policy discussions in Turkey.

The special circumstances of Turkey recognized in COP7 and advocated in Cancun, which accepts that as a developing country, Turkey doesn’t have historical responsibilities and the obligation to put pledges for mitigation of GHG emissions like other Annex – 1 countries. Turkish government referring to this special circumstance, hasn’t declared any concrete measures to combat climate change and did not put forward a pledge in Cancun in December 2010. On the other hand, many projects have been undertaken by the Turkish government within climate combat efforts especially in energy sector. Thousands of hydro-power plants without any basin management plans, nuclear power plants in the important natural areas of Turkey, and so-called “clean” coal power plants throughout Turkey are among them. As these plans have a negative impact on our ecosystems and accelerate the climate change; we’re realizing awareness raising projects to support establishment of real national climate strategy and plans of Turkey should be improved through a participatory approach.

TEMA runs two projects to raise awareness on climate change with the support of Airclim.

With this project, TEMA aims to develop internal capacity of TEMA Foundation on national climate change information and policy work. In order to realize, the internal capacity building, we collect information, data and examples on the threat of climate change to the protection of natural habitats in Turkey and develop recommendations inside TEMA Foundation. We, identify reciprocal effects of soil erosion and climate change in Turkey; collect data and share information on soil degradation, carbon storage and emissions with national examples. Besides, we collect further data and information on climate change effects on forests and develop recommendations for adaptation for current and future forestation in Turkey. And, also we monitor GHG emissions from land use and land use changes in Turkey; develop policy for improved land use management and share all the documents via the web
site :

The project aim at building up an NGO network on climate change in Turkey in order to develop common mitigation and adaptation policies to propose to the government. Besides, TEMA aims to realize a pressure on the government to put pledges in the UNFCCC process.

TEMA is using the tools like ensuring systematic information flow to Turkish NGOs on developments on UNFCCC and EU climate policy initiatives through the web platform and other communication tools to realize this project. And also, this network monitors GHG emissions in Turkey in all economic sectors, analyzes and forms a collective NGO opinion concerning climate policies presented in National Report of Turkey to the UNFCCC. NGO network publicly share all documents commonly prepared via the web site :
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