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Our Volunteers
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TEMA values volunteerism and is proud to have a diverse volunteer base all over Turkey. As of February 2012, TEMA has 440.000 supporters and 555 voluntary representatives supporting TEMA in reaching its objectives. The main responsibility of the voluntary representatives is to conduct educational activities, recruit more volunteers and keep the channels of communication open to all who are interested in TEMA’s mission in their region. This offers TEMA the opportunity to define Turkey’s problems with firsthand knowledge and to address them on regional basis.

In order to transfer environmental values to future generations and hinder potential environmental damages by creating environmentally aware individuals, TEMA has established several different volunteer teams of people from different age groups. %80 of TEMA volunteers are under the age of 25 who help carry TEMA to new directions through their innovative thinking.

TEMA Kids, also known as TEMA’s Early Childhood Program works for giving pre-school children of ages 5-7 environmental consciousness on soil, erosion and sustainable living. The Small Hands to Soil Project, a nationwide project is implemented with pre-school children and teachers. As the first large scale environmental program for preschool children in Turkey, TEMA Kids have so far 20.000 members.

TEMA Junior has started as a pilot project in 1996 in 11 primary schools. Now, this organization is active in more than 1000 primary schools in 55 cities. TEMA Junior’s approximately 20.000 members organize various events and workshops on environmental issues. They contribute to the success of our achievements and give us a different, pure approach that can only come from children.

TEMA Young Organization is established in 1997 among university and high school students. Now, this group of nearly 5.000 members is active in 56 universities in Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and in 60 high schools.

Volunteer Activities

Another way to establish more interest on public TEMA Foundation organized voluntary registration. Volunteers perform a variety of TEMA activities across the country and provide support to these activities. Meetings are held at different periods with volunteers and information’s has been given on activities and events.

From 01.010.2010  new TEMA volunteers get next to their volunteer card a leaf form lapel as a gift. Foundation’s volunteers reached 451,186 in July 2012

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