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Global Power Shift 2013, Istanbul
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We started the struggle at Gezi Park to defend the trees that help to regulate the climate
system that we, human beings, are changing. We knew that if we lost this struggle, we would
lose our future, nature and the climate. Now we are combining our local struggles with
climate activism from all around the world. On June 29th, we hope to shift the axis of the

Just a few days ago, we saw what we can achieve together. People of different ages and
backgrounds came together for the common cause of nature. Together, we demand our right
to live.

Now is the time to stop climate change. Now is the time to say "Another World is Possible".

We will be at Kadıköy with hundreds of people from more than 140 countries around the world.
Thousands that struggle against coal, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants, 3rd Bridge, 3rd
Airport, industrial agriculture and industrial animal farms from all around Turkey will join us.
Together, we will embrace our future and our children. Arm in arm we will rally against the
coal, HPPs, and nuclear power corporations that continue to deepen the climate crisis.

Together, as a unified voice, will shout our solution: "100% renewable and clean energy. Right

Let's meet on June 29th at 15:00 at Kadıköy to show in a festive way that another world is

Caller Organizations:, TEMA Vakfı, Greenpeace, Yeşil Düşünce Derneği, Açık Radyo,
ÇEHAV, Toplum Gönüllüleri, Küresel Eylem Grubu, Bağımsız Hayvan Hakları Aktivistleri, Sokak
Bizim Derneği, Gola Kültür Sanat ve Ekoloji Derneği, ÇEHAV, EuroSolar Türkiye, Yuva Derneği ve
Su Hakkı Kampanyası

İletişim: : Mahir Ilgaz | | 0532 742 2469

Greenpeace : Pınar Aksoğan | | 0530 291 0130

Küresel Eylem Grubu: Nuran Yüce | | 0555 863 1636

TEMA Vakfı : Gökşen Şahin | | 0535 439 2193

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